Our Members

Advanced Roofing Ltd www.Advanced-roofing.co.uk 
B Jarvis Roofing Ltd www.jarvisroofing.co.uk 
Blue Lines Roofing Ltd www.bluelinesroofing.co.uk
Bracknell Roofing Ltd www.bracknellroofing.com 
BRC Industrial Roofing (Midlands) Ltd www.brcroofing.com 
Briggs Amasco Ltd www.briggsamasco.co.uk 
Brindley Group Ltd www.brindleyasphalt.co.uk 
Central Roofing and Building Services Ltd www.centralroofing.co.uk 
Deane Roofing and Cladding Ltd www.deaneroofing.com 
Filon Products Ltd www.filon.co.uk 
G Edwards & Son Roofing Ltd www.edwardsroofing.co.uk 
HRC Industrial Cladding Ltd www.hrcindustrial.co.uk 
IRC Carocelle Ltd www.irccarocelle.co.uk 
J Wright Roofing Ltd www.jwrightroofing.co.uk 
JPR Roofing & Flooring Ltd www.jprroofing.co.uk 
Lane Roofing Ltd www.laneroofing.co.uk 
LMC roofing and building www.lmcroofingltd.co.uk 
M R Site Services Ltd www.mrsiteservices.co.uk 
Makers Construction Ltd www.makers.biz 
Marksman Roofing & Cladding Ltd www.marksman-roofing.co.uk 
Metclad Contracts Ltd www.metclad.co.uk 
Moulton Roofing Ltd www.moultonroofing.co.uk 
Nigel Hayman Roofing Ltd www.nigelhaymanroofing.co.uk 
NRA Roofing & Flooring Services Ltd www.nraroofing.co.uk 
R S Miller Roofing Ltd www.rsmiller.co.uk 
Rio Ashphalt & Paving Co Ltd www.riogroup.co.uk 
RLW Roofing Ltd www.rlwroofing.co.uk 
Roofcare (North Staffs) Ltd www.roofcarenorthstaffs.co.uk 
Roofrite (Shropshire) Ltd www.roofriteltd.co.uk 
Roofstyle Ltd www.roofstyle.co.uk 
Rydale Roofing Ltd www.rydaleroofing.co.uk 
Solihull Roofing & Building Company Ltd www.solihullroofing.co.uk 
Solihull Roofing Services Ltd enquiries@solihullroofingservices.co.uk 
Spectrum Building Envelopes & Facades Ltd www.spectrumbuildingenvelopes.co.uk 
SPV Group www.spv-uk.co.uk 
Stormseal Roofing Nationwide Ltd www.stormseal-roofing.co.uk 
Strandor Roofing Ltd www.strandorroofing.co.uk 
Swift Roofing Services Ltd www.swiftroofingservices.co.uk 
TDS Roofing www.tdsroofing.co.uk 
Telclad Ltd www.telclad.co.uk 
The General Asphalte Company Ltd www.generalasphalte.co.uk 
TRC (Midlands) Ltd www.totalroofcontrol.co.uk 
UK Waterproofing Solutions www.ukwaterproofingsolutions.co.uk 
Wigston Roofing Ltd www.wigstonroofing.co.uk 


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