Import Update on COVID-19 from CITB

The social and economic challenges stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are becoming clear. It means severe challenges for CITB and the construction employers they work with and support across England, Scotland and Wales.

CITB are reviewing the situation and developing plans of action that reflect the reality for their customers and the latest UK Government guidance.

This is a complex, rapidly changing situation, which means CITB must work more closely together than ever before to protect the industry’s skills through this crisis and beyond. Where they can lead, they will, and where they can offer support, or signpost to others better placed to help, CITB will do that too.

CITB will provide the latest information about all their operations on  and through their social media channels, to ensure customers and partners are fully informed. CITB will provide regular updates, so please revisit their web-site for the latest information and advice.

Thank you for reading, we wish you well at this incredibly difficult time.


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